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I don’t really remember how I first found out about, but I sure am very happy to have stumbled upon such an awesome community of writers.

I wrote my first set of articles for EPH way back in June of 2009. I was quite nervous to apply at first because of all the scam websites that offer a promising salary for doing really easy jobs, but I found that is not that kind of place. EPH does not cheat or rip-off its workforce. On the other hand, it is a very truthful and reliable company that produces quality writing jobs for a huge variety of clients while giving its writers very good compensations. Assignment topics differ, and you’ll never be bored with the wide spectrum of subject matters to be discussed. From cats to cars, laws to relationships, investing to skin problems, giving gifts to making E-books, and many more, writing is never dull and repetitive if you don’t choose to write about the same things over and over again. Plus, you get to learn a lot too, because to be able to submit a worthy article, you have to do some research about the topic in question. Therefore, you don’t only earn extra money for doing your job, you gain additional knowledge as well.

Moreover, also consists of different forums. There, its writers can get the support from members of the EPH staff as well as the space to hang out and get to know the other writers that they are working with. I must say that I’ve never had an unpleasant experience with any of the editors and other bosses. They are really nice, well-mannered people, whose goal is to maintain the company’s excellence. They give quick responses to assignment related questions and issues, and also post reminders to uphold the members’ self-discipline and punctuality in submitting sets and practicing the proper use of punctuation, sentence construction and grammar. They are also the ones responsible to review the finished works and ask writers for revisions when needed.

Aside from the above mentioned, it is really fun to work for EPH because of the many awesome activities the staff comes up with for the enjoyment of the writers. One example would be the weekly trivia game that if one is able to solve grants him or her an instant grace credit which can be used in order to lengthen the time allotted for the submission of an assignment set. There are also different challenges for different occasions and parties for the holidays. Also, one must never forget about the bonuses that writers can receive if they choose to cash out their points when they’ve already accumulated a bigger amount. The current rate is an additional P200 for P3000 points, P500 for P5000 points and P1000 for P10000 points. Combine that to double or triple bonus days and you’re surely in for more treats to your salary.

It has been really awesome to work for I had to stop for some time because I got sick then really busy with school and the family business, but now, I’m back again because there’s no place else I’d rather be. Productivity and staying at home at its best, EPH’s catchphrase surely rings true., ang bestfriend ng writer!

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Meanwhile, Blair rules the right bank, storming the shops and consuming the classics and sampling sugary snacks like a modern Marie Antoinette.

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